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Professional Test Prep

Our test prep material has everything you need to pass your exam. Everything except the big textbook price tag, of course.

Custom Exam Creation

Design custom practice tests that meet your study needs. Target weak knowledge areas or reinforce your stronger ones.

Detailed Results Tracking

Measure your results and gain confidence as you progress through the app. Share your results with friends through social media.

Dedicated Support Staff

Stuck on a tough concept, want to say hello, or have an urgent message for our team? Take advantage of our in-app message center.

Test prep apps that redefine how you study and succeed


Our apps have helped thousands overcome learning plateaus and redefine how they prepare for important exams. See how more and more students and professionals are gaining an edge with Pocket Prep.

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 Packed With Value

Studying is tough. Finding the time to sit down and commit to your homework, certification, or big exam is taxing. Fortunately, with Pocket Prep, you can keep your mind engaged on the challenge ahead. You make the commitment and we’ll put the results within reach.

 Intuitive Learning

Create a customized exam and get a complete readout of your performance all while standing in line at the coffee shop. You’ll wonder how you ever lugged all those text books back and forth in the first place.


Self-Paced Studying

Cramming simply doesn’t work for long-term knowledge retention. If you want to learn and remember what you’ve learned, you need to study in smaller chunks more frequently. By doing so, you’re filling your brain with bits of meaningful information that it files away for easy access later on.

Pick up one of our apps and…

  • Simulate the real testing experience
  • Develop strategies that conquer tough multiple-choice questions
  • Monitor results and assess weak areas
  • Study anywhere with no Internet required

 Ask Our Experts

Sometimes you just need an answer. We’ve deployed strategic support teams that are prepared to guide you to test-prep victory. You can chat with our experts instantly via the in-app message center. It’s like having a virtual tutor on call 24/7. Your success is our success.



 Simplified Results

No matter how many quizzes you’ve taken, it’s never been easier to review your results. Looking back on your previous exams is just as important as diving into new ones. Pocket Prep apps track your history, scores, and key performance indicators automatically.

Filter questions by correct or incorrect and explore the detailed answer explanations tied to each and every available question. Make the most of your study sessions one practice test at a time.

"Awesome study tool! Highly recommend! It's like class away from class. Very easy to use and check yourself in what field your lacking in. Very glad that I downloaded!"

− Maniac1975, EMT Basic

"This app is a great study tool to use along with the recommended study materials. Great for on the go studying when you can't carry around your books!"

− Wapoww, ACSM + NASM CPT

"This app is excellent. It covers everything I went over in class. I would definitely recommend to friends and classmates."

− bjdmiller, CNA

"This is a great tool to use in combination with other materials as an overall strategy for exam prep. It's most handy when you have a few minutes during the day to just review."

− mafreems, LCSW

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Join 450,000+ students and professionals worldwide who have passed their exams with our test prep apps.
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