ASE A5 Brakes Exam Information

The fifth test in the nine test Automobile Series is the brakes test. There are approximately 215,221 mechanics that have this certification. The brakes exam is designed to test a mechanic’s knowledge of drum brakes, disc brakes, and electronic brake systems. Exam takers are given 55 questions and 75 minutes to answer them.

When preparing, a person should fully understand: hydraulic system diagnosis and repair, drum brake diagnosis and repair, disc brake diagnosis and repair, power assist units diagnosis and repair, and electronic brake control systems diagnosis and repair.

a5-brake-gearHydraulic system diagnosis and repair takes up 27% of the exam. This section contains: diagnosing faulty stopping, dragging and pedal problems, measuring and adjusting master cylinder pushrod length, checking for leaked fluid, brake line inspection for leaks, rust, dents, kinks, and cracks, diagnosing hydraulic system failures, inspecting brake lights, and bleeding the hydraulic system.

Drum brake diagnosis and repair accounts for 11% of the test. This section covers: diagnosing poor stopping, pulling, and dragging caused by drum brake hydraulic problems, removal, cleaning and inspection of brake drums, lubricating and installing brake shoes, and adjusting parking brake.

Disc brake diagnosis and repair is 22% of the test. It covers: diagnosing poor stopping, pulling, and dragging caused by disc brake hydraulic problems, retracting caliper pistons, cleaning and replacing pads, rotor removal and replacement, road testing to break-in new pads.

Power assist units diagnosis and repair accounts for 25% of the exam. This section covers: checking the vacuum supply, testing the hydro-boost system for leaks and operation, removing, cleaning and replacing wheel bearings, and adjusting, repairing, and replacing break lights.

Electronic brake control systems diagnosis and repair takes up 15% of the exam. This section contains: diagnosing poor stopping, wheel lock up, false activation, and noise concerns, diagnosing circuits, and testing system sensors like speed, yaw, and brake pedal positions.

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