ASE A8 Engine Performance Exam Information

Engine performance is the eighth test in the nine test Automobile Series. There are approximately 154,924 people that have this certification. The engine performance exam is designed to test a person’s knowledge of fuel, oxygen, emissions, and how they work together. Exam takers are given 60 questions and 75 minutes to answer them.

a8-ignitionTo study for A8, a mechanic should know:

  • General diagnosis, ignition system diagnosis and repair
  • Fuel, air induction and exhaust systems diagnosis and repair
  • Emissions control system diagnosis and repair
  • Computerized engine controls diagnosis and repair

General diagnosis accounts for about 24% of the exam. This section will cover topics like: taking and checking driver complaints, analyzing noises, diagnosing unusual exhaust colors, sounds, and odors, and performing vacuum tests. It will also include: diagnosing mechanical, electrical, fuel, and ignition problems with the engine, and checking the alternator and other charging components.

Ignition system diagnosis and repair comprises 16% of the test. This part will cover: diagnosing ignition problems, interpreting diagnostic trouble codes, testing and repairing the primary and secondary ignition wiring, replacing ignition system sensors, and testing the ignition control module.

Fuel, air induction and exhaust systems diagnosis and repair is about 18% of the exam. It will cover: diagnosing fuel problems, inspecting fuel take, lines, fittings, and gas cap, testing rule pump, cleaning fuel injectors, and replacing turbo charger components.

Emissions control system diagnosis and repair accounts for about 16% of the test. This section will cover: diagnosing problems with the PCV valve, replacing EGR components, diagnosing emissions problems, and testing canister lines and components.

Computerized engine controls diagnosis and repair comprises 26% of the test. This last part will cover: recording diagnostic trouble codes, diagnosing problems from those codes, replacing the powertrain control module, and clearing diagnostic trouble codes.

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