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Completing your free CNOR practice test won’t lead to instant certification, but it can definitely help make your certification exam easier! More than 34,000 perioperative nurses have achieved their CNOR accreditation. Will you join them?

cnor-practice-testTo be qualified to take the CNOR exam, you’ll need to have at least two years of nursing experience, with a minimum of 1,200 hours spent as an operating room nurse. The Competency and Credentialing Institute, which has developed this exam, also specifies that only registered nurses are eligible to take the CNOR test. (Like several other nursing certifications, CNOR is not an acronym, but a designation.)

There are 200 multiple-choice questions on this test, and they cover a wide variety of topics that a skilled OR nurse should know. This includes care planning, pre-op assessment, sterilization and maintenance of supplies and instruments, intra-op activities, service and material management, and professional accountability. A score of 620 or better is required to pass.

When it comes to choosing a practice CNOR exam, you’ll need something that combines high-quality sample questions with an affordable price and a convenient format. Why not try our free practice test for starters? You may be surprised how closely your skills match those outlined for certified perioperative nurses!

Free CNOR Practice Test

Take a free CNOR practice test with 20 challenging questions and detailed answer explanations. When you’re finished, we’ll send your quiz results directly to your email inbox. Don’t forget about our CNOR Exam Prep app available on the iTunes App Store and Android Google Play.

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