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 CPIM MPR Exam Information

For those interested in a career in supply chain management, earning your CPIM certification is vital. You’ll have to complete a series of five exams, which culminates in your final certification. The second of this series is the Master Planning of Resources module, which covers important topics that any supply chain management professional should know, regardless of what industry they decide to enter after certification.

The Master Planning of Resources module focuses on topics touched on during the previous module (Basics of Supply Chain Management), but goes into greater detail on all topics. One of the greatest focuses here is understanding the concepts of supply and demand management. However, it will also focus on:

  • Operations planning
  • Sales planning
  • Master scheduling
  • Distribution planning

Students taking this exam will learn how to recognize demands for all types of goods and services within the market, and how to collate business plans into a cohesive whole. Creating an executable schedule from the greater production plan is also covered, as is how to plan a distribution network and replenishment schedule.

The actual exam consists of just 75 questions, as opposed to the 105 found in the Basics of Supply Chain Management module. Just 60 of these questions are scored, with the remaining 15 not scored. In order to pass the exam, the student must score at least a 300 on the scale of 265 to 330. The test is administered by Promissor on behalf of APICS. Failing the test will require that you reschedule your course and pay the registration fee once more. For APICS members, the fee is only $110. Nonmembers will have to pay $145 to take or retake the test.

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