Teaching Certifications

Passing a teaching certification exam is one of the keys to starting your career as an educator. This is especially true of entrance exams. Before you get your teaching certification and before you can even be accepted into an teaching program, you first need to first pass your entrance test, which will vary by state. The teaching entrance exams are not based on your teaching skills or your in-depth knowledge of a certain subject – say, early childhood education. They are assessments of your general education and how well you are likely to do in an educator’s degree program.

Each state has its own rules regarding entrance exams. Some will allow SATs or another state’s certification exams as an alternative route to entrance exams. Whatever the arrangements, teaching candidates must have a basic understanding, not just of their target subject, but of all major subjects: Reading, Writing, Language Arts and Math. Sometimes you’ll find more than one type of teaching certification exam under each acronym. For example, elementary school teachers in the state of Georgia would want to take the corresponding GACE content assessment exam to certify their teaching skills in that area. The GACE has many specialization exams, but for now we’ll focus on the broader subjects.

Teaching certification exams can open the door to a rewarding career, but you need to prepare well to pass them. Rather than stressing out, start now with a free, high-quality practice test. When you’re done, pick up a copy of our app and beat your exam!

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