Where to Find a Free GACE Study Guide

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  • May 8, 2013

Finding a GACE study guide is like finding a good restaurant: lots of candidates, and even more opinions on which one is the best. If you’re like the majority of visitors to our site, though, you’ll find the word free can tip the scales in favor of just about any study guide. So where can you find a good free study guide for the GACE test?

About the GACE Test

The GACE test (Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators) that we’re referring to is the standard entry exam for teachers in the state of Georgia. It’s an aptitude test, like the ACTs or SATs. While there are some exceptions, many teachers-in-training are required to take the GACE test before they are admitted to their teaching program.

There are many other variants of the GACE test, including content assessments that certify a teacher’s skills in a given subject. These tests are a whole different animal, so we’ll leave them alone for now.

Finding a Free GACE Study Guide

If you have questions about the GACE test, you’re not alone; there are forums and websites by the dozen that purport to have the answers. However, on the Internet it’s a case of caveat emptor: don’t believe everything you read. You need to go to the source. For our purposes, that’s the GACE test homepage. You’ll find it at gace.nesinc.com. (Look for the Pearson Education, Inc. copyright at the bottom of the site.) At this site, there is a complete lineup of GACE study guide materials. You’ll find free GACE practice tests, sample assignments, preparation guides, and more. Get started with our free practice test.

Free GACE Practice Test

As you prepare for your GACE test, don’t forget about the free GACE study guides and practice tests. Not only will they save you money, they’ll give you an edge when and if you decide to purchase an alternative study system.

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