LCSW Exam Information

The LCSW certification is designed for candidates who hold a master’s degree in social work and who have completed at least two years of supervised direct social work. (If you have a master’s degree but a different work history, check out our MSW certification practice test instead).

Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker means an expanded role in social work, focusing largely on clinical work and psychotherapy. The core subjects for the exam reflect this. The majority of the 170 multiple-choice questions deal with one of the following subject areas:

  • lcsw-practice-testHuman development and behavior
  • Diversity, social justice, and oppression
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Ethics, professionalism, and confidentiality
  • Social worker roles
  • Psychotherapy, clinical intervention, and case management

Despite the amount of work experience required to take this test, preparing for the LCSW exam shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every candidate has strong subjects and weak ones; using a free clinical social worker practice exam will help you sort out what you know well from what you need to know better.

ASWB DSM-5 Updates

The fifth edition (DSM-5) of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was published in May 2013 and supersedes the DSM-IV-TR. Content related to the DSM-5 will begin appearing on the ASWB exams in July 2015.

Pocket Prep will begin issuing updates to ASWB study content in April 2015 to best prepare students for the July testing changes. Until April 2015, all Pocket Prep ASWB content is related to the DSM-IV-TR.

American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 Coding Update

Free LCSW Practice Test

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