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A free MSW practice test can help you prepare for a new career. How? By familiarizing you with the test you’ll actually be taking to get your social worker certification: the ASWB Masters exam.

msw-practice-testA master’s in social work (MSW) certification or license means that you’ve completed a master’s degree in social work and you’ve met the basic requirements for working in this field.

According to the ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) regulations, you should be able to complete the 170-question, multiple choice exam in 4 hours or less. Exam subjects fall into four main categories: Human development, behavior, and diversity; assessment and intervention planning; direct and indirect practice, and professional relationships, ethics, and confidentiality.

The MSW exam is geared toward those with a degree but limited or no professional experience. The tests are awarded on a pass-fail basis, and the basic fee structure starts at $230.

Use one of our free MSW practice tests today to gauge your potential score on the real exam, or take advantage of the opportunity to get some feedback on how well your study program is working. Free masters in social work practice exams are a great way to do both!

Free MSW Practice Test

Take a free ASWB® MSW practice test with 20 challenging questions and detailed answer explanations. When you’re finished, we’ll send your quiz results directly to your email inbox. Don’t forget about our ASWB® MSW Exam Prep app available on the iTunes App Store.

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