NASM CPT Exam Information

The NASM-CPT Exam (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer) is one of the standard certifications sought by fitness professionals. Personal trainers usually work one-on-one with private clients or small groups. They may suggest fitness goals, teach new exercise routines, or even give nutritional and weight loss advice. The exam for NASM certification covers all of these subjects.


Before applying to take the NASM certification exam, you should be at least 18 years old and have a valid CPR and AED certification. During the exam, expect to see questions centering on:

  • Nutrition
  • Applied science
  • Exercise techniques
  • Fitness assessment
  • Training techniques
  • Program design

Practical matters like organization, basic business skills, and customer relations are also covered in the exam.

A successful NASM CPT exam can be a starting point for other personal training credentials offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These credentials demonstrate specialization in certain segments of fitness training, such as working with women, children, or seniors. Check out the free practice test below to get started.

Free NASM CPT Practice Test

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