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A free PCCN practice test is a great way to start your preparations for the actual exam. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be getting an idea of what the PCCN certification test is all about.

pccn-practice-testWho is the PCCN certification for? Chiefly, it’s designed for progressive care nurses – those who work with the acutely ill. Progressive care, while it is a step down from the ICU, is still serious. Therefore, to become a certified progressive care nurse, you should have at least 1,750 hours of direct care practice and two years of work experience. Of primary importance is that this experience is in acute care settings; the actual unit name is less important. Only registered nurses with unencumbered licenses are eligible to apply for this certification.

What does the PCCN exam cover? The overall exam structure is based on the AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care. Nurses who take this exam should have a well-developed sense of clinical judgment and be conversant with the rules governing ethics and professional responsibilities.

There are 125 questions on the PCCN exam; 25 of these questions are not counted as part of your score. Sample questions for PCCN practice tests are often based on other versions of the test or on the same content. Why not try out your readiness for the PCCN exam today with our free practice exam?

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