Police Sergeant Exam Information

How you do on the police sergeant’s exam can make or break your hopes for promotion. And how you prepare for this exam will make or break your performance.

police-sergeant-practice-testTaking your sergeant’s exam means that you’ve acquired the knowledge and skills to function as both a police officer and a team leader. You’ll have more responsibility within your department, and you’ll need to earn the trust of your team. That’s why each state sets out a required length of service for every exam candidate. In some states, your record of service will even play a part in how your exam is scored overall.

The number of questions and the individual subjects that make up each exam differ from state to state. New Jersey has a mixed exam, with written questions, video scenarios, and multiple-choice questions all featured as part of the test. In the state of Michigan, exam topics include criminal law, supervisory and managerial practices, state police official orders, forensic science, and investigative techniques.

Usually, police sergeant’s exams include both written and oral segments. It’s important for applicants to be able to speak well, communicate clearly, and listen closely to the questions and scenes presented.

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