Security Guard Exam Information

Passing your security guard test is essential. No matter whether you’re aiming for a Guard Card in California or a license from the state of New York, the security guard exam calls for preparation. And the best way to prepare for the real exam is by supplementing your training with a security guard practice test.

While all states have their own requirements, there is a lot of material common to all security guard exams. For example, the Guard Card exam includes training in:

  • Liability and legal issues
  • Internal and external communication
  • Report writing
  • WMD and terrorism alertness
  • Power to arrest
  • Choice from 16 electives

Added to this is extensive training in PR, including harassment awareness, diversity training, verbal communication, and ethics. In Tennessee, Washington, New York, and other states, these subjects also make up the core components for security guard testing, with some minor variations.

The job outlook for security guards is expected to be strong over the next ten years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an 18% overall growth in this field is forecasted.

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