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Why is free STNA exam practice so important? Free is always good. But that’s not the main point of a practice test. A good practice test will not only help you test your general knowledge, it will also give you accurate STNA practice questions, usually from actual exam materials. In other words, you’ll have an exact idea of what the test covers.

free-stna-practice-testWho should take the STNA practice exam? STNAs are State Tested Nursing Assistants – the Ohio equivalent of CNAs in many other states. This particular practice test conforms to the requirements of the state of Ohio.

The 12 topics covered by the STNA exam are very similar those on the CNA test; they include safety, patient rights, communication, basic medical knowledge, and practical care skills. (There is a 5-part practical direct care component to this exam that validates a candidates’ grasp of the last item.)

There are a total of 79 questions on the STNA exam, and applicants have no more than 90 minutes to complete them. Preparation isn’t just important; it’s vital for passing this test and getting your STNA license.

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